Dealing With The Emotional Hurt of My Injury

I am writing this post not because I am an expert in dealing with the emotional side of injuries, but out of weakness. I have not dealt with my emotional pain. 

I am struggling.


Now that we have the facts on the table- what do we do with them? That is a question I have not gone into because I honestly have not dealt with the fact that I am struggling. I do not want deal with that fact but I need to, and I need to now.

I have trained 13 years to get to where I am today as a dancer and all of that is in question. THAT IS SCARY! I honestly can say that I do not fully understand the depth of that hurt yet. I am disappointed. I am sad. This post is me being honest with myself since I have not been honest in months. 

Matthew Gattozzi in Ballet Class

The mind, body, and spirit are all connected. My body is trying to heal without healing my mind or spirit. My energy is off between these different aspects of me. This disconnect has not been healthy. I am going full ahead in working on my mindfulness. I am starting to be open to people. I am starting to be open with myself. I am working on getting myself back- not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. 

On a physical level, I am doing my physical therapy exercises while taking more ballet class! I am excited. I see progress in myself. Each week, I am dancing more. I have a long road ahead of me, but I am up for the challenge! Thank you for all of the support! 

If you have any tips on how you have dealt with injuries, let me know below!

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