DETOX OVER | Detox Day 28

I wanted to wait to write this post. So I gave myself a few days after the detox before I wrote this post. Have I really changed or was it just for a month?

I have the freedom to eat whatever I want... but honestly, I do not crave eating the same way that I did before. I was planning to do a huge, unhealthy meal at the end of the detox but I had one donut and I was toast. I also had a brownie later that first day away from the detox and stopped.

For the most part, I am still eating the way I was on the detox. How could I change? I feel so good about my body! People have given me compliments about how I look and my skin! I have slept better this past month. I feel clean.

I feel free.

I am aware of what I am fueling my body with and I want to continue to pursue research and creating a healthy lifestyle. 

The biggest takeaways from this Detox

1. NO MORE GLUTEN. Gluten just kills me now. I used to make fun of people who are gluten free... well Matt, welcome to the club. I just cannot do beer anymore. Bread is not terrible, but not beneficial. I am going to stay away from gluten as best as possible and pay the extra money for a gluten-free crust or bun. 

2. Less Coffee. Matt not drinking coffee?! Craziness, I know but because of it is high acidity it can really affect my skin. The only coffee drink that I will allow is a Cortado which is one shot of espresso and a bit of milk. Even then, I will not have that every day. Once I got used to not drinking coffee, I did not miss it as much. 

3. Less Sweets. Everyone wants to not eat as many sweets but this is a real struggle for me. I can go hard on the sweets without blinking. I think the biggest difference this whole month was this component right here. If I am more strict with no-gluten, it will restrict me on eating cookies and brownies. Also, if I do eat sweets (Gluten free and vegan), it needs to be during the day and not at night because that affects my sleep.

4. Drink More Water. I love water now but wow I did not drink enough- ever. I tracked my water intake from the last month and doubled about my usual intake per month. I need water to help with digestion as well as minimizing cravings. 

Overall, this has been a fantastic time for me and my body. Our bodies are a process and it takes time to test what optimizes our bodies. Everyone is different, but if you never try to find what fuels your body, then you are missing out on life. Stress, cognitive senses, sleep, and energy are affected greatly by how we eat. Treat yourself as a professional athlete- healthy should be at the forefront of your mind. NO ONE else really cares about your nutrition. Your doctors sure do not. They barely learn about nutrition in medical school. Only you can change yourself and your diet but it all starts with your desire to do so.

I cannot encourage you to start questioning how you eat.

Want to know more about my detox? Feel free to reach out to me here or on social media!