Yes- I said it!


That is kind of a big deal because seven months ago, I felt lost and confused. I felt hopeless. 

What has changed? 

Help! I got help. I went after counseling and now I have been pursuing meditation and understanding sabbath. I have learned to be in the moment. I have spent hours learning about my thought structure and reconstructing that very structure. I have taken time to get away from my usual life. I am different.

I am continuing my research and aid as we speak, but I have had some huge victories. I am in a place that I feel happy. I feel in tune with myself again. I am at peace. 

My friend said that I seem so happy- that is the greatest compliment and statement someone could say to me. There is a clear difference from the outside of who I am on the inside. I believe that I am shining brightly again.

On top of all the awesome counseling and meditation, I have been teaching at Tarrytown Dance which has been an incredible experience sharing my experience on life in the studio with a younger generation of students. I have been making lots of videos and taking pictures of friends. I learned how to drive AND bought a car. Yes! I bought a car. Matthew is growing up finally. I did a food detox that changed how I eat and view food. I started a podcast on Anchor about mental health. I have read a ton of books.

This summer is shaping up to be pretty amazing! I have not traveled at all- I have stayed in the same city. I think that has been good because I needed to stop. pause. and listen to what I need in my life. I am so grateful for all of you that have shown me support.

I have found a lot that has helped me and I want to share with you! I write which is great but I have been getting into podcasts, so I decided to make my own on ANCHOR which is an app that reinvents how radio is done. You will be able to call in and interact with my radio show. My episodes will then be uploaded to Itunes and you can listen to them on your Podcasts. They are short and simple.

Thank you for all your love and support! I leave you with this video!

Need someone to talk to about life? Feel free to reach out me!