All Better and Ready to Live the Dream

You are all cleared to dance
— Dr. Stein and Dr. D'hemecourt


Although I was cleared two weeks ago by my doctors, I received written consent that I am clear to dance professionally today!


This is great timing because in ONE week...


I will be in Austin, Texas moving into my apartment. I am dancing with joy- literally dancing- because I CAN dance. I have been working hard at physical therapy and at the studios to get my body back into shape. I am still working hard to get into my top condition, but I am at a place physically where I am able to do all my steps and movements. 

As I move down to Austin, I will have two weeks there to continue to train and workout before my contract starts on September 12th. All summer I have been nervous as to if my injury will ever get better and if I will ever be the dancer that I was just a few months ago. I can now confidently say that I will be the dancer that I was and an EVEN BETTER dancer in the future. 

This injury has opened my eyes to a lot of aspects of my life. I have had time to reflect on my relationship with God, ask the questions of who I want to be in the workplace, and find what I want to do in my career as a dancer and beyond. This injury has taught me a lot about hard work and most of all- patience. This has not been an easy process of recovery. I battled a lot of self-doubt and insecurities. As I gained more positive signs of recovery, I began to win a lot of battles with my doubt.

Now I sit and write just one week away from a life changing move. A move to a foreign place in America that I have been in for less than three days. I will start a job in a place that I have been in for less than 2 hours. There are a lot of unknowns that I will face in the next few weeks. I am nervous for all the change, but I have faith and hope that great things are to come in my time in Austin.

Chance the Rapper sang on his song Blessings these words:

"Are you ready for your blessings?

Are you ready for your miracles?"

Chance the Rapper is talking about how it is not about having faith in whether or not God will bless our lives- God will bless our lives - but are we ready to see how God will work in our lives? Are we ready to open our eyes to see what God will do now?

The answer is- YES. Yes I am.

Austin, Texas- I am coming for you on August 29th, 2016.