Austin - Here I Come

It is 6:48 AM on Monday morning- August 29, 2016.


Am I packed yet? 

eeehhhhhh..... slightly. I still have a few things to pack. I am just too excited that I need to write about this before I actually leave and get to Austin. 

I have a lot of thoughts and emotions going through my head right now. I am moving to a place indefinitely- woah. How long will I be in Texas for? I actually have no idea, I would love to answer that question myself. Who will I meet? Who will be my friends? Will I be good enough for this job? 

There are also a lot of questions that I will not ask now, but in a few days or weeks, I will ask them. Life always has questions and we are always trying to answer them. Sometimes it takes a long time to answer certain questions and I have to be patient in waiting for those answers. 

Although I am asking questions, there is a thrill of not knowing the answers to these questions. The mystery of my next step and next chapter in my odyssey is appealing to me. The danger is looming and I am ecstatic to get into trouble. I have only heard amazing things about Austin- that is always encouraging. I am going to a new land and have the opportunity for more travel and adventure.

This weekend has been a weekend of family for me which is a perfect way of going out of Boston. Saturday night, my parents had a huge party to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. People from all parts of their lives were at our house. It was incredible to just see what they have built together. Genuine love. I was talking to many guests so I was not able to get all the footage and video that I wanted, but I made a small video to highlight the party. I am trying to venture into more film so this is a start for me. Here is my new project.

I have a new blog post, a new project, and now it is time for a new city.

Cheers to the unknown.

Cheers to good times and the hard times to come.

Cheers to the realities of life.

Cheers to living the dream.