Trying to make Home be Home Again

I have not written in a while because I am really trying to soak up and invest in my time here at home.

Home is an interesting concept- home is where it all began. My start. My beginning. But as time and life has moved on, I too have moved on from home. After two years of being away, I am back at the same home that I learned to walk and talk.

I have missed out on a lot.

That is a reality. 

I have missed out on a lot of day to day events with my friends and even my family over the past two years. Space makes it very difficult to keep the same relationship with others as I did before I left. Now that I am back, I have to reestablish friendships on a day to day and switch my relationships from back in Seattle to a more time to time basis.

That shift is not easy! It takes time. 


This has been amazing being home! I have been inspired by people around me. I have been given vision in my life. It has been great connecting with old friends and seeing people I have not seen in two years! That is just special and I feel lucky.

So Matt, what do you do all day?

Great question- I actually am pretty busy. I have been doing physical therapy twice a week which is good. My injury has been making some really great progress! I also have been working at this new, Italian restaurant right near where I live called Bacaro. That has been surprisingly a lot of fun. I like work. I do all sorts of jobs for the restaurant. I bus tables, I dishwash, and I prepare food. I get to do it all which is a pretty cool experience. I am learning a lot about cooking and how a restaurant works. I stay pretty busy with work, but on my free time I have been able to adventure around the city of Boston with friends.

At the beginning of July, my parents and I, took a road trip to Chicago and Kansas City to see some of my mom's family. I do not usually get to see my family on my mom's side so hearing stories of history was fascinating. I learned about where I came from and another side of my history. At the end of the road trip, we went to St. Louis to go to a church conference called Reach which included churches apart of the International Church Of Christ movement in North America. About 18,000 people were there at the conference which was incredible to be apart of such an amazing experience.

I have one month before I leave for Austin, Texas. I am trying to really enjoy the time I have in Boston because honestly, I do not know when I will have this much time in Boston ever again. Cheers to new experiences with old friends in the place I will always call-