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Darrell K Royal- Texas Memorial Stadium

Darrell K Royal- Texas Memorial Stadium

You really cannot formulate enough words to describe the size and awe-factor of the Darrell K Royal- Texas Memorial Stadium at the University of Texas in Austin. This is the NINTH LARGEST stadium in the WHOLE WORLD! Let me repeat myself- Darrell K Royal- Texas Memorial Stadium is the NINTH LARGEST stadium in the WORLD. The official capacity is 100,119 people. The record attendance to a Texas Longhorns football game happened this year on September 4th, 2016 when unranked Texas went up against tenth ranked Notre Dame during the season opener with 102,315 people in the stadium.

Darrell K Royal was a legendary head coach and lead the team to three national championships as well as eleven southwest conference titles. In 1943, Royal dedicated himself to the US Army Air Corps. There was a committee created to ensure the memorial of UT students who dedicated and sacrificed their lives for the United States military. Every year, one home game is called Veterans Recognition Day in order to honor UT students who have served the United States Military. 

There is honor and tradition within the stadium. Generations of students have come to this stadium to watch incredible moments in sports history. This post cannot encompass the multitude of unique, beautiful, and personal stories from thousands of students who have come before. This stadium represents more than sports, it represents commitment to a team, a university, and the United States of America.

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