The Center of Attention

Texas State Capitol

They say that everything in Texas is bigger. When it comes to the State Capitol, they are not lying. Every time I walk by this colossal building, I am in awe. Made out of "sunset red" granite, the Texas State Capitol is taller than the US Capitol and the second largest capitol building in the nation, second to the US Capitol building. 

What is even bigger than the Texas State Capitol is the payment for building such an incredible structure. Instead of paying three million dollars, the state gave the contractors three million acres of land. This land became the XIT ranch- the largest cattle ranch in the world. The ranch was sold in 1912.

You cannot miss the capitol located in downtown Austin maybe because there are laws that you cannot obstruct the view of the building. Rightly so, because this State Capitol is not something you want to miss. Standing next to the Texas State Capitol is inspiring as it towers over you. This building does not shy away from being the center of attention.

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