A Deadly Past

The UT Tower is iconic for the campus. It is in the center of campus. After every victory for the Texas Longhorns Football team, you will see the tower lit up with burnt orange lights at night- sight every fan desires to see every week.

The UT Tower also has a scary past that is relevant to present day.

On August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman climbed the UT Tower on campus and killed 17 people and wounded 31. He was up there for 96 minutes sniping pedestrians within a five block radius. This is one of many perspectives pedestrians could of had looking up at the shooter during that scary time on campus. 

This dark event introduced the world to mass campus shootings. It was the first of its kind and unfortunately not the last. This shooting was the deadliest shooting on a US college campus until 2007 at Virginia Tech when 33 people were killed and 23 were injured. 

The history of this tower is rich, and although dark events have unfolded here, every night, the tower lights up in hope for a brighter tomorrow. 

There is history everywhere you go with amazing stories and the history can truly inspire you. Take the time to listen. Engage. Ask questions. This is time to #EngagetheCommunity! What will you learn next? I would love to hear your response on social media below!