Terry the Preacher

Meet Terry the Preacher. We met on the side of the highway at the intersection of East 6th Street and I-35. Terry has faith for God and struggled with sin in his past and is now trying to make his life right again with God.

Me: I am here with Terry, correct?

Terry: My name is Terry, I am out of Houston, Texas but I am here in Austin, Texas and I love Austin. And I am 53.

Me: What is your dream in your life?

Terry: My dream is to go back and serve God. I am a preacher, y'all. But I walked away from the Church because I started having sex with a girl in the church and the pastor found out about it and he told me to step back down. He said, 'You might be a good preacher but you are not going to have sex with the women.' I took seat down and then Jesus got mad and then Jesus got on me. I told Jesus 'well, bye. I will be back later.' And then I went to the streets and then I have been in the streets. I told Jesus, 'Jesus, come get me out of the streets. It is time to come back home. These streets are killing me. I can't make it. I am getting back on drugs. I'm getting back on beer. I'm getting back on cigarettes. Please let me come back home.' and Jesus told me, "Come on back home, Terry."

We still got one problem- the cigarettes. ... Transformation are taking place in my life- why? Because I believe.

Me: So your dream is to get off these cigarettes then?

Terry: Yes, and to preach again. I don't care where- maybe even these streets right here. I just want God to use me again.

Me: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Terry: Driving a Cadillac Escalade with a plastic (a credit card) preaching all over the world and on the radio. And I didn't do it myself, God did it for me because I humbled myself. 

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