Clifton the Communicator

Meet Clifton the Communicator- I met him on Congress Ave and 8th street. After an unfortunate event in his life, he is striving to connect with those around him. There is never a dull moment with Clifton as he weaves humor through his responses.

Me: How long have you been here on the streets?

Clifton: I have been on the streets for six years.

Me: How did you get on the streets? Did you lose your job?

Clifton: I got in a car wreck and lost my job, surgeries, you know, a divorce. 

Me: So did you do truck delivery? What happened?

Clifton: Yeah, delivery. Someone ran a red light and just smashed into us at 55 MPH and after that it was real patchy.


Clifton: There was an 18 year old driving the truck and I cannot imagine what his life is looking like after someone did that so I didn't get into a hurry. 

Me: What has your experience been like on the streets?

Clifton: It has been clear and open. It really opens up every choice there is in any person's life. 

Me: What are your dreams in your life?

Clifton: Mainly is to continue to connect with people around me as it has been going. It is not a money thing to connect with the people or the commerce of what we got and what we need, the communication can always get better. So my dream is to have the best communication and hear what I say as well as hear what you say.

Me: How do you try to make that dream a reality on a daily basis? 

Clifton: There is an intellectual level of tongues and an emotional level of tongues. So when people can see that there is a need, that is how I do it. There is always an intellectual need of conversation to bring it up. Say the best costume question of the year is a pinata, it is the hardest hitting costume. Santa does make the deliveries so those two costumes - so humor and whatever it is to communicate. 

There are many people who have amazing stories and can truly inspire you. Take the time to listen. Engage. Ask questions. This is time to #EngagetheCommunity! Who will you talk to next? I would love to hear your response on social media below!