Recovering from SXSW

South by Southwest was incredibly fun- but also not extremely healthy.

For ten days- I barely slept, I was doing a lot of standing on my feet, dehydrated, and ate a lot of unhealthy food and drinks. I am all for treating myself for one night or for one meal.... but after ten days, I need help.

On Sunday, after a much-needed nap, I put a game plan together to detox from the last ten days. Here are a few things that I have done in the previous few days to help recover from the craziness of SXSW.  

1. Drink Water

Drinking water may seem like a no-brainer, but I was not drinking enough water for ten days. Water also has helped me from not craving sugars and food late at night.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

I hate this stuff, but Apple Cider Vinegar is so good for you! The taste is awful, so I put the Apple Cider Vinegar in water, so the taste is not too intense. Apple Cider Vinegar helps with digestion. I was eating fried food a lot during SXSW, so my digestion system has been backed up. The Apple Cider Vinegar helps clear the system.

3. Health Shots

Similar to the Apple Cider Vinegar, I am a fan of these small 2oz shots that help initiate clearing the digestion system. My favorite shot, called the Royal Flush from Soup Peddler, is lemon juice, some ginger, and cayenne pepper. After taking the shot, you can feel the heat in your stomach! Good stuff.

4. Kombucha

Over the last two years, I have become a fan of Kombucha which is fermented tea. If you have not picked up on the trend of this post- Kombucha also helps with digestion. And honestly, Kombucha just tastes good!


Kale and Spinach are my best friends in the last few days. On top of the greens, all produce is necessary! 

6. Eating Schedule and No Alcohol

I am taking a break from Alcohol because after lots of free drinks over the course of 10 days- my liver needs some time to recover. I also am not trying to eat anytime after 7 PM so that I can give myself time to digest. During SXSW I would eat at random times and usually super late which did not sit well when I was trying to sleep. 

Overall, I am trying to reset my system this week after a crazy ten days. I feel great and have a lot of energy. A lot of these practices from above are things that I want to adopt for the future. If you have any suggestions on how you are recovering from SXSW or how you reset your system, let me know below!