More than a Game

I was looking for a documentary that was entertaining and meaningful. I looked on Netflix and browsed the award winning movies. I stumbled across a sports documentary called, Undefeated directed by Daniel Lindsey and T. J. Martin. The description on Netflix said, "An inspirational profile of an inner-city high school football team's valiant effort to reach the school's first-ever playoff game." I thought that this was going to be a typical movie where the team is in harsh conditions, but they win every game and win the playoffs.

They lost the first game. What?!?!?! How is this movie called undefeated if they lose a game. As the movie goes on, I realize the game of football is not as important as the players' lives. The team is located in Manassas, Tennessee. Manassas is a very poor neighborhood with not a lot of resources. Most of the kids on the team have terrible family situations because most of the parents are either dead or in jail due to drug/gang related behavior. Their houses are run down and some have roofs that cave in! Despite all these circumstances, the kids fight to go to college and to get out of their neighborhood. 

Yes, football gives them discipline, but what the game really gives the kids is the idea of dreaming. This football program is one of the worst programs in the whole state of Tennessee! The thought of going to the playoffs for them is almost impossible. With heart, they get to a playoff game and won against all odds.

This movie is better than Blind Side, because the emotions of the players and coaches are raw and real. This movie is about real life circumstances with real people, not actors. I am an emotional guy, but when it comes to movies, I do not cry. This one got to me. This movie showed me that a fun game can motivate a person to dream and to get out of their rough neighborhood. Most of all, this movie inspired me to give more to my community through my dancing. If you have read my story on how I started dancing, you would know I started through an outreach program. Someone shared their love for dance to me, and now it is my time to do the same. This movie showed me that people need inspiration, and people need help. Maybe I can bring that inspiration through my dancing.