Living My Dreams Two Years Later- Kind Of

On April 6, 2016, I accepted my first professional dance contract with Ballet Austin. For two years, I lived in Seattle and trained for hours every day to improve my technique while performing incredible ballets. I wrote about my life in Seattle and pursuing dance as a profession. This blog, before I rebranded it to, used to be called, Seattle was an odyssey to catch my dream, but I did it. IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

The last two years have been wild! 

The work that I have been able to perform has been incredible. The people I have met are world-class friends. I have made memories that will last forever. 


To be honest,

I was not planning on this injury or any of the hardships I have encountered like depression or my car accident. These troubles have played a significant role in how I have lived my life the last two years and have defined how this dream that I caught two years ago has played out. I am very public with my life, and you can look back and see the craziness that I have faced. This is not the life that I imagined two years ago when I signed that contract, but I would not want to change it for the world.

I really believe I am living my dreams and pursuing what I want- but that is different than the dream that I caught two years ago. My life has changed drastically on a physical level, but I am trying to stay true to taking risks and continuing to learn about myself. I want to pursue growth and education regardless of what I am doing for work or where I live. Life is continually changing, and dreams are turning, but through that change, I am trying to stand firm in who I am. 

A lot of good has come out of my injury alone. Through all the work that I have done with Ballet Austin's marketing department, I have created a blog that was featured by Dance Magazine and The opportunities I have had within my time of being injured have been incredible! I am not living the specific dream that I caught two years ago- but the life that I am living now is better than I imagined it could ever be!

Celebrating the end of physical therapy

Celebrating the end of physical therapy

Today, I graduated from physical therapy. I need to be cleared by my doctors before I am back to full responsibilities at Ballet Austin. The future is looking bright, and I am excited for what is to come. I am planning some big things- so stay tuned for what is next. Till then, enjoy this selfie of me celebrating finishing physical therapy.