Introverted Summer with Growth

This summer has been a great summer, but it definitely has been a different one than usual. My last post was called Escape From the Real World because I was entering my summer training session in the mindset as if I were back at work like the season was starting in July. To be honest, even though I was in Seattle dancing, I still was not in the "real world" for me. This past season was so hard since it did not consist of a lot of free time, but conversely, this summer, even though the training and dancing was hard, I had a ton of time throughout the day that I usually do not have.

You might be thinking, "What did you do with all that time?" Well, I had a lot personal time to do a lot of reading and thinking in between classes. I spent a lot of time in my Bible and other books concerning faith, leadership, and my relationship with God. I was able to take a lot of my time reflecting on my life and getting ready for the upcoming season.

This sounds like a boring, depressing, and lonely summer BUT IT WAS NOT! During the day I was able to focus on myself and then after I finished dance, I was able to hang out with my friends from church. We had crazy adventures, watched movies, ate food, laughed, and had fun. I was actually able to relax and chill which has been a great change of pace since during the year, I felt like I was moving at a million miles per hour. 

My summer session was only five weeks and it ended August 7th.... but it is August 18th. Have I sat around and done nothing?!?!

NO! I was very busy these past few weeks. Most of my time has consisted of finding an apartment and getting my current apartment ready to move out of. Without ballet going on, I have been going to the gym with my friend Jesse everyday trying to stay in shape before we start the season. Work aside, I attended a wedding,  I have been working on my photography, and squeezing some time in for some video games. 

I have been able to relax while being productive with my time. I have been able to grow a lot on my own and get my mind ready for the year. I start the season August 31st and I am excited to get back into the studios and get to work. For now though, I will enjoy my time off and get some more adventures in before the season starts.