Escape From The Real World

As the curtain closed for my last few shows of the season, I said goodbye to my parents and journeyed to Vancouver, British Columbia with my brother. Yes, Michael and Matthew take on their first ever real bro trip. Since I am writing this post, it is proof that we did not kill each other. We did not really have a set itinerary except where we were staying and the bus tickets to and from Vancouver! We were able to explore the city, eat some great food, and since I can legally drink there, Michael was pretty excited to have our first drink together. As we were exploring the city, we see that the United States Women's National Team for soccer was playing in Vancouver for the Women's World Cup. Out of curiosity I looked at ticket prices thinking that the game was sold out and that it would be expensive. I was wrong. Tickets were 36 bucks! What a steal. So my brother and I bought tickets and within a few hours we were in the stadium cheering on the USA playing against Nigeria in the final group stage game. We won 1-0 in an exciting match! If you looked at the news in the last week you would know that USA women's team went on to win the whole World Cup. After 3 days of hiking, sports events and food, we made it back to Seattle! 

This trip was the first leg of my escape from real life.  

After a day in Seattle, my brother and I boarded a plane to go home to Boston. I haven't been to Boston for over 6 months, which is just too long! I was excited to get home, but I can never escape from "adventure" when I travel. We stopped in Chicago... and almost never made it out. Putting my dramatics aside, we had to switch to two different gates and change 3 planes. Oh, and then when we finally had a working plane, there was no crew to fly it because our original crew clocked out due to union rules. After making lots of friends around us and sitting for hours, our plane received a crew. 

I landed in Boston!!! Oh how I missed the 617! There are some new buildings, but the character of the city was still there. I was able to see a lot of my friends from ballet, church, and school. I ventured to New York City for the International Campus Ministry Conference which brings college disciples from across the globe to meet, fellowship, and grow in our faith.

Unfortunately, I was only home for 2 weeks before I had to fly back out to Seattle to start some more training. It has been amazing being back in Seattle getting back to what I love, but it was nice to escape life and responsibilities for a little bit. As I said before, I am back dancing in the studios getting geared up for the next season! My dancing schedule is not too crazy so I'm excited to take some of that free time to explore and adventure. 

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