I Miss Coffee | Detox Day 8


Lots of people drink coffee to wake up or to stay awake. Coffee is seen by most as fuel. Fuel to work.

To be quite honest with you, I have never seen coffee in that manner. I started to drink coffee later than other people usually start drinking. I have a few rules about coffee. 

1. Never drink coffee on the go

2. Stay at the coffee shop for at least one hour

These rules force me to drink coffee slowly to enjoy the taste versus drinking for the caffeine. Drinking coffee is sacred to me. To not have that for a whole month is tough. I am drinking Topo Chico instead of coffee at the coffee shop, and it just is not the same. 

Food is a necessary thing in our lives, and it is easy to create habits around our food. When those practices and rituals are altered, it can be difficult on the mind. The mental challenge of changing food habits is when the spiritual aspect of my detox comes into play. Do I have self-control or am I reliant on food/coffee? I think time will tell in the next few weeks.