Do I Overeat? | Detox Day 7

I had eaten my food for the day. All the meals and snacks- done. My friends and I wanted to go out for a little bit that night. We ended up at Kerbey Lane.

Now, I do not mind Kerbey Lane except during my detox, there is not much I can eat. The limitations allowed me to say no to food. If I did not have those limitations, I probably would have eaten something.

But what for?

Because we are out?

Because everyone else is getting food?

I realized that I do this a lot. I eat out of boredom. I eat because I am out even though it is really late in the day. If I sleep on a full stomach- NO BUENO!

It has been great this past week to try to eat all my food before 7 PM to establish boundaries in my life to not overeat late at night. I do not think it is bad to eat later than 7 PM, but I know that I need to limit myself in order to create healthy habits with eating. Not only the timing of eating is important, but listening to my body. It is easy to keep forcing food down. I do this ALL THE TIME. I am trying to not stuff myself- but learning to listen to when my body is full. 

The first week of the detox is done. It has been a great experience so far, and I am excited to keep learning about my body, food, and health.