Hiking in Celebration | Detox Day 15

My good friend, Jesse Ruiz, is a personal trainer here in Austin. He is my coach for physical and spiritual training. We have a fantastic friendship. It was his birthday on Sunday and him being the trainer, wanted to do a birthday hike.

There are not many hills and a lack of mountains here in Texas. Jesse brought us to the hill country of Austin which is a beautiful suburb of Austin with million dollar mansions. There is a trail that is 2.5 miles that go up and down the hills. The hike totaled 5 miles of a challenge with a beautiful trail. 

After getting to the top, I was hoping for a view- a mountain top. That mountain top view did not exist. It was the other entrance in the suburb. It was a tad anticlimactic. It took a little under 3 hours to go up and down. 

I needed a TON of water that day! Luckily the trail was shaded because hiking in the Texas heat is honestly probably deadly. During this detox, I wanted to not only eat well but also exercise well. This hike was a perfect way to get some healthy movement and exercise in my body. I want to do more of these hikes and long walks. 

When was the last time you adventured in the outdoors and pushed your body while enjoying the beauty of this world? If you are going to sweat, might as well enjoy the people and creation around you.

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