Do You Blame Me? | Detox Day 16

July 4th is more than just celebrating those who have served and are serving our country to allow us to celebrate the freedom of America. It is the birthday of America.

Birthday = Party

Party = Lots of Food and Drink

Do you see where this equation is going?

Watermelon is healthy! 

I promised myself one drink and no rules at dinner for the celebration. Yes, I broke my detox for a few hours. Luckily, I was with a group that is very food conscious and aware of dieting so there were lots of vegan options. Every item was homemade and from scratch so even though I was breaking my detox, I wasn't eating terrible quality, storebought, over processed food. 

I honestly did not eat too much outside of my detox except for the dessert. These desserts were incredible. When you see this table of desserts- can you really blame me?

Will I struggle the next day- probably? Let's just read the next post tomorrow. Till then, God bless America and all the food I ate within those two hours. 

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