Flower Power

To all female corps ballet dancers- bless your hearts.

Nutcracker is a hard marathon of shows and these six girls of Ballet Austin Second Company did every show of the waltz of the flowers. They are truly the unsung heroes of this production of Nutcracker. This is the case for any production of Nutcracker around the world- These corps girls have to push through blisters, foot pain, and fatigue to bring the audience an incredible performance day in and day out. 

Waltz of the Flowers is always a favorite because the women are graceful and twirl around the stage accompanied by music which is incredible and beautiful on its own. The flowers are led by the Dew Drop, a challenging, principal part that displays difficult women's technique. 

The audience sees a beautiful corps totally in sync, but what I see is hours of hard work and diligence to create a beautiful image. These girls rehearse everyday for months to perfect the waltz. Cheers to these girls and to the others in every production of the Nutcracker. Your flower power rubs off on everyone around you! Thanks for keeping everyone else going!