And That is a Wrap

Ballet Austin's cast at the final bow congratulating the orchestra's performance

After the show is over, dancers take to the stage as the audience hoots and hollers to express their joy and satisfaction of the performance. As a performer, to hear the applause is so fulfilling because it reassures you that you not only did your job, which is to entertain, but that you did your job well.

The moment you see above is when the cast of dancers is thanking the orchestra for accompanying them and helping create a magical scene for the audience to get lost in a whole new world. This is a moment of celebration. All the hard work and stress is all released at this moment. A moment of pure joy.

And that is a wrap for Ballet Austin's Nutcracker. Yesterday, December 23rd, was the last show of the production. Now the dancers will go on a layoff for a few weeks before starting back in January to get ready for the productions in the second half of the season. The layoff  will be a time of rest for the dancers after a long month of dancing.  

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