Exploring the World Around Me

2017 was filled with absolutely no travel.

The only travel was one trip home to Boston for Christmas. Other than that, I stayed in Austin the whole time except for a half day trip to San Antonio which is an hour and a half drive from Austin. Basically- I did not travel at all. 

When things were getting tough for me in 2017- I was stuck. I was not traveling and expanding my mind. I began to cave into myself. I made it my mission to travel as much as possible in 2018. The first step was buying a one-way ticket to Europe. I had no plans; I just wanted to go out. I had an itch and the opportunity to purchase the ticket... so I did.

Little did I know that months later, this trip would turn from lasting a quick two weeks into a TWO WHOLE MONTHS!


Two Months.

This trip will be the most daunting adventure I have ever embarked on in my life. There is a lot of unexpected things that I will not know until I get there. I have spent HOURS planning the details. At the same time, there is so much that I cannot expect. I do not know who I will meet or what adventures I could stumble upon while I am in Europe. I will be alone for a lot of this trip which means that I will be to my thoughts. Maybe I will become a philosopher, or perhaps I will at the very least be able to meditate on my life. 

This trip is very ambitious, but I feel called to go out and explore. I believe that this trip will open up doors in my personal and professional life. Traveling always has allowed me to open my mind and to see myself in a new perspective. 

If you have any advice on traveling for long periods of time, please let me know in the comments below. If you have any recommendations of what to do in any of the cities that I am going to, I want to know. I leave in less than a month from today. Make sure to follow me on social media to get the day to day updates on my adventures in Europe. 

Here is my itinerary:

May 23-25 London

May 26-28 Paris

May 28-May 31 Brussels

May 31-June 5 Amsterdam

June 5-6 Dresden

June 7-9 Vienna

June 9-11 Venice

June 11-13 Florence

June 13-15 Rome

June 15-17 Athens

June 18-20 Sofia

June 21-25 Copenhagen

June 25-28 Budapest

June 28-July 7 Dublin

July 7-14 Berlin

July 14-22 Prague