An Update on my Injury

I posted this blog and then had to take it down because the update keeps changing. Here is my original post and then I update the update. Enjoy.

People have been asking me when I will be back to entirely dancing. I am asking myself that too.

I am okay!

I am thrilled that I have healed. I have been taking class and dancing, but I have one hurdle left. Logistics. 

I have been caught in the massive system of United States' healthcare system, and I am being affected by the lack of efficiency. On a physical level, I am fine, but I am not allowed to jump back into the studio until I have clearance from my doctor since my injury happened at work. I would be breaking the laws of Texas and crossing liability issues dancing with Ballet Austin without being cleared. There are a lot of pieces in the mix and to get the clearance from the doctor is imperative for me. 

The problem is that I was transferred to another doctor, but the paperwork has yet to be sent to my new doctor. I have been calling to push the timeline forward but honestly, I am just sitting idle, and I have been for the past week or two. This situation has recently been frustrating for me since I have been ready to go for a while now. 

The situation is out of my hands in the sense that all I can do is call and hope that people hear me and know how important it is to get this paperwork transferred. I am trying to train as much as possible as I wait for the logistics to be figured out. I think I am more disappointed because I will be finishing the season with Ballet Austin on the sidelines. I miss being in the studio with my friends and getting ready for a show. This outcome might have been different if I was not being bogged down by the inefficiency of people and systems that I have no control over. Although I will not be dancing on stage in the last production of the season, I am still training for the future of myself as a dancer and staying positive for the future. 

Thank you all for reaching out to me and caring for me! I appreciate all of the support!

I am now adding, that I will officially be having a doctor's appointment this Wednesday at 9 AM. I am grateful and ready to finish up the details!