It has been a long time since I last posted and I am very sorry about that.

Where do I even begin? So much has happened over the past month. Let's start at the main reason why I have not posted in a while, technology problems. 

Internet has become an integral part in my life and probably in a lot of people's lives. Most of my communication and entertainment stems from the Internet. When the Internet is down, well my apartment becomes a black hole. No Xbox, no Netflix, no social media to communicate with friends back at home. Could I go to a café and get free WiFi? Yes. But I was super busy with getting ready for Swan Lake that I did not have time to go to a café... plus not a lot of places are still open after 9 or maybe even 10. So when I finally get ready to do something at home after a long day... there ain't much to do. So my roommate got a hold of the Internet guy to help us with the Internet. 

The problem was that the modum broke. In conclusion, we needed a new modum, but that would of course mean more waiting since they have to send us a new modum. I finally got Internet back, but then my computer got a virus.  

I still have to figure out the problem with my computer. The reason I have not gotten my computer fixed is that I was busy performing Swan Lake. Even though Swan Lake is over, my life has not gotten a break because I have been extremely busy with rehearsals for my end of the year shows. I am staying very busy with ballet, but I am loving the experiences of the performances and the rehearsal process. Even though the process has been amazing, I haven't been able to get to computer help center when it is open. Luckily, I figured out that I can post via my phone.

My friend, Kuu, really wanted me to blog that I got a girlfriend. I did not want to disappoint my man Kuu, so yes, I have a girlfriend and her name is Kristina. 

Life has been crazy this past month, but if I were to summarize the month in one rule, it would be to breathe (RULE 61). It is simple, yet so hard to do. Life can feel like it is moving at a million miles per hour and sometimes just stopping and breathing can make the craziest situations bearable and under control. I am a stress ball and I can worry too much about so many different things in my life that breathing slows everything down and I can relax. Breathe... it will help, I promise. 

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