19... am I getting old?

I could do more things as an 18 year old male in Europe than being 19 in America. 19 is really not special in America and definitely not for me. Nonetheless, I cannot stop my birthday or skip it and yesterday, March 22, I turned 19.  I am more scared of turning 20 now but 19 is nothing to me. I did not have a crazy rager for a party, but what I did do for my birthday was pretty fun.

After going to church, I went over to my aunt and uncle's place for lunch and dinner. I have not seen them for a while which was great to hang out with family and catch up on life. My uncle is a die-hard Seahawks fan, so the Super Bowl outcome did not fair his way this year. We did not watch the game together because we both understood that someone would get ex-communicated from the family. Seven weeks after Super Bowl Sunday, we decided to have our own Super Bowl Sunday.

We watched the recording of the whole game, all 4.5 hours of it, with all the commercials and halftime show. We wanted to have the same affect. I definitely did not have as much angst as I did seven weeks ago, but it was a great game to watch again. We went back and forth about hypotheticals and what play would have changed the whole game. It was relaxing to just sit and enjoy myself. I did not have to worry about someone spilling something on the carpet or if there was enough food. Of course, a home-cooked meal from my aunt is always better than my cooking. NEVER TURN DOWN A HOME-COOKED MEAL. EVER. PERIOD (RULE 60). 

I am 19 but the only real difference between today and yesterday is that today is Monday and not the weekend. So I was back at the studios and back to my regular self.