Austin the Unique City

Austin Downtown

Here is a bunch of fun facts about Austin because it is truly an unbelievable city.

1. Austin has the highest bookstore sales in the U.S. at 195 dollars per household meaning we are smart.

2. The first Whole Foods started in Austin

3. Austin is one of the sunniest cities in America, with an average of 300 clear days a year.

4. Austin is one of the safest major cities in the U.S. -my mom is happy about that one.

5. Austin is almost as large as New York City in landmass, covering about 280 square miles.

6. Austin houses about 750,000 bats in spring and the summer and at the peak bat-watching season there are 1.5 million bats. It is the largest urban bat colony in North America. 

Everyday I am learning more about this city. Austin is a unique city in America and a place worth coming down to visit. You will not be disappointed in terms of entertainment. See you around. 

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