Athens: Zeus Says Hello

I was rained out for most of my time in Athens. I was not complaining because it allowed me to slow down for a bit after a lot of travel in Italy. Athens is small and easy to get around which made it fun to walk everywhere. The people of Athens were some the nicest people I met on the whole trip. The service they provided was top notch and then genuinely cared about me as a customer. They were eager to know where I am from and show me their best food! I was not complaining one bit! 

I had never heard thunder so loud until I went to Athens. As the rain came down, and the power was out in half of the city, I could only imagine what the greeks back in the first century thought of this thunder. For a second, I almost believed Zeus was real. I want to come back to Greece but spend my time on the islands. Athens, you are a special city. Tell Zeus I say hi from Texas.