Are You Proud of Your Story?

Alice in Wonderland has kept me crazy busy that it is easy to be swept up by rehearsals. It is easy not to take the time to stop and reflect on what the heck is going on in the studio. What is happening in the studio is pretty incredible.

I am dancing.

I am moving.

I am living my dream.

I am choosing this life.

I am truly in awe of the life that I get to live. I am so grateful to have the support that I do for my pursuit in dance. I have written about the ups and the downs, but what transcends all of that is the fact that I am choosing to pursue this life. 

Life will hand us lots of options, the most important aspect of a decision is not what you decide, but truly how you decide (RULE 108).

With faith.

Faith that has no regrets.

Faith that does not look back or second guesses.

Be proud of what you are doing (RULE 109)! If you look back on your life, are you proud to tell your story? Being proud of your story does not mean it is a story about how everything went your way. To be proud of your story is to be able to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of your past. You can only be proud to tell that story if you chose that story. You chose which option you will pursue and that you pursued that option with all of your heart. 

Dancing on Easter at Austin Tribe

Dancing on Easter at Austin Tribe

I am at a point in my life that I do not know or understand what God wants me to do with dancing. Yes, I will be dancing at Ballet Austin next year, but what then? What if I get severely injured, or I do not get another contract? I do not know. I am not worried about any of those questions because I am currently pursuing today with all my heart. I am putting my whole self out there in the studio day in and day out. That is all I can ask for myself. Whenever dancing is over for me, I know that I can be proud of my story not because I got every single lead role, but because I tried my best.

Are you proud of your story? If not, what is stopping you from being proud? What do you want in your life? How can you pursue that?

There are moments in time when we reflect on our story and can say thank you. This past Easter at church, I was able to say thank you to God with movement. This worship experience was an incredible experience for me because I would not be able to pursue this life that I am so proud of it was not for God. As I was on stage dancing, all could feel was gratitude. Always take the time to say thank you (RULE 110). I am excited for the future of my dance career and as an artist. Where it will take me, I do not know. The only thing I can count on is dancing with a faith that pushes forward.