The Rule Book

As I make mistakes, receive wisdom, and/or succeed in different life situations, I will begin to create little rules to live by to help my future self.

1. Always be nice to the people who work at the flight check-in desks

2. Make sure when you say goodbye, you are actually leaving

3. Never be afraid to try new food or you may miss something amazing

4. Be that guy who dances to music in public

5. Do not be that guy that does not wear sunscreen

6. Take risks because you never know where you can end up

7. Always bring my camera because I might miss out on amazing opportunities to shoot

8. If you are at a loss of words, create some


10. Wear something that you feel confident in and stick with it. If you second guess, than you are not confident.

11. Being over prepared is better than being under prepared

12. Persevere or else the shopping will get worse if you want to stop

13. Money does NOT grow on trees

14. Always be prepared because you never know when and where you will be dancing

15. Stop and think when moving objects through doorways

16. Look up when moving things

17. Some things are just worth the wait

18. Check the instructions twice, three times, maybe four before doing anything

19. CBS may be broadcasting the Patriots but only on the east coast while they broadcast the San Diego Chargers game on the west coast

20. I will not cave in to the Twelfth Man

21. Order Internet earlier because it is necessary

22. Open your eyes or you may miss something

23. When in doubt, go to Dick's

24. Do not forget the blessings in life

25. Always grab your laptop with two hands

26. You may know how to do something, but sometimes there is a better way

27. Do not wait to fix a problem or else the situation could get out of control

28. Relationships take time


30. There is a difference in grocery stores, you just have to find it

31. When comparing meat, always compare amount per pound, not the price tag

32. Buy meat in bulk

33. When you do buy meat in bulk, do not forget to FREEZE your meat

34. Be aware of what fruits and veggies are in season

35. You have to ask yourself, "Is it worth it?"

36. Know how long the item can last before buying in bulk

37. Check all the eggs on the top of the carton and check the bottom of the carton 

38. For every grocery store, sign up for whatever rewards/loyalty program you can get your hands on

39. Come in to a grocery store with a plan

40. Do not go to a grocery store hungry

41. When it comes to shopping, stay focused and do not give in to big signs

42. Hindsight is 20/20

43. Orange marmalade is not made for a PB&J

44. You do not have family, you are family

45. Everybody has family, but you must treasure family

46. It is really easy to not appreciate family until it is gone

47. Family does not have to be by blood

48. Be patient and nice because being rude will get me nowhere but more frustrated

49. Preparation is key

50. Never give up on your dreams because you will regret it

51. Always have a backup plan to get home from the airport or else it will not be easy getting home

52. Downtown Seattle at 1 AM in the morning is not something you should want to experience

53. If you want to see what the city is really like, get lost because the tourist things are nice but the real culture of the city is not the landmarks

54. Do not eat out a lot at restaurants in Zurich, unless you want to burn more money than in Las Vegas

55. When grocery shopping in Europe, make sure everything is weighed and has a price tag 

56. When you travel, you have to be able to be flexible on your itinerary or else you might miss something great

57. Responsibilities are taxing, but life would be aimless without them

58. I do not want what I love to do to feel like a job

59. Different is sometimes good


61. Breathe

62. Our plans never always work out, but if you are okay with adapting your plans, then you will have a better outcome than you planned

63. Do not overlook your backyard, because you may miss an adventure or two

64. Adventure is out there, you just have to go and find it

65. Look at the larger picture of my career

66. It ain't worth the energy getting hurt over a small task in the grand scheme of my career

67. Look for small victories in the day that keep me inspired

68. You always want to avoid surgery

69. It is not worth pushing a small pain for rehearsal today if I won't be able to dance for tomorrow


71. It is not worth being mad about an injury because you could be using that time to make yourself better

72. When you have the opportunity to learn from a great mind, do not miss it, enjoy it

73. Deadlines help, so make them

74.  If you worry too much about the future, you might miss out on an adventure

75. Groundhogs Day is the Worst Holiday

76.  If you ever go to a place, always check the hours. ALWAYS!

77. McDonald's is loyal

78. Carpe Diem

79. Adversity in life exposes the true character of a person

80. Being uncomfortable makes you grow


82. If something is worth it, do not stop fighting for that something, even if that something may cause hurt at times

83. Avoid surgery at all cost

84. I can never stop being a student

85. There is honor in every role

86. Passion derives from action, it is not the cause of action

87. Everything will suck at some time, even the things you love

88. The best thing for you may not always feel the best

89. When you go after something in your life, failure WILL happen. Get over it. If you are afraid of failure, then you will never try

90. When we search for our passions, they are really right in front of us

91. Life is not about what we are doing, it is about why we are doing it


93. If you want something, you have to go after it everyday

94. Find beauty within mundanity of life

95. If we don’t question ourselves and our motives we are hurting ourselves from truly receiving what we want

96. Do not stop being a student. The second you stop being a student, you stop GROWING

97. The world WILL change WITH you or WITHOUT you

98. Be proactive in learning and adapting


100. Take the time to learn

101. You will not know everything, but it is not about what you know, it is really all about your mindset on learning

102. Just dance

103. If you are not falling, then that means you are not trying.

104. Art is not and should never be about making money

105. Art should be about the representation of human life


107. Always be prepared

108. The most important aspect of a decision is not what you decide, but truly how you decide

109. Be proud of what you are doing

110. Always take the time to say thank you

111. Change takes time

112. Your greatest enemy is yourself

113. Don't work hard, work GENUINELY

114. Be mindful

115. Be aware of oneself

116. You deserve greatness- do not sell yourself short

117. You cannot be valuable if you are not vulnerable


119. Once you have boundaries- STICK TO THEM

120. It is okay to say NO


122. sometimes work will be work