14 Days Behind Enemy Lines

Hello, this is Matt Gattozzi reporting from behind enemy lines. 

Enemy lines?

I love Seattle. One day, it loved me, the next day, it does not. Seattle will not love me for a while. One might be asking, "What did this kid do to the city??" Well, I actually did nothing, I am just a New England Patriots fan whose team happens to be playing the Seattle Seahawks in the Superbowl... one of the biggest events in sports. Usually when the Patriots are in the Superbowl, I am surrounded by people who all believe the Patriots will win. Not today in Seattle. If I say the Patriots will win, I get laughed at, jeered, or an argument on who is the better team starts. 

I have walked on the street with my Patriots hat on and have received some not so loving looks. Though I have to spend lots of energy dealing with haters day in and day out, it has been lots of fun. Though the fans in Seattle have smack talked to me, I have dished out my fair share of smack. I already am in a few bets for the game, and I probably will be in a few more. 

Friends ask me if I have converted to being a Seahawks fan... OF COURSE NOT! If anything, I am a bigger Patriots fan. If you remember from my blog post about being a Boston Sports fan in Seattle, RULE 20 was created. RULE 20: Do not worry Boston, I will not cave in to the Twelfth Man. I have not fell into the darkness of the Twelfth Man. For the next two weeks, until February 2nd (the day after the Superbowl), I will be behind enemy lines. If you want to see my day to day updates, check out my instagram @The_real_gattozz (Button on top left corner). I will be posting everyday, reporting to you live from behind enemy lines. It is a dark scary world out here, stay strong Patriots fans.