What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is another term for your reputation. How do people see you?

Would people suggest you for a job or would they say that you are hard to work with on a team?

Do people know your aspirations? Do people know what you desire to accomplish in your life?

HECK- Do you even know what you want to accomplish in your life?

We all have dreams and urges to experience certain things in our life, but very few people invest in building their dreams. Some people are waiting for that promotion or waiting for the right job opportunity to open up. Some people are just waiting and maybe will be waiting forever.

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What if I said that you could increase your chances of living your dream life and dream career if you invested in yourself, would you do it?

Building your personal brand is about establishing authority and expertise in a particular industry that you want to work in and influence. You can start writing, creating videos, or any other style of content talking about that industry. You can start interacting with others in the industry, and people will soon get to know you. People will learn more about you and your work. Over time, as you build credibility in your industry, people will start to follow you and look to you for your opinions. You create the buying power for your career and your opportunities.

What is fantastic about the 21st century is that we can take control of our personal brand RIGHT NOW! We do not have to wait for the newspaper to do an article about us or for a magazine to interview us. We can interview ourselves. We can start our website and be in full control of the whole creation process from start to finish.

When you invest in your personal brand, you are investing in building opportunities for your life. I hope that I can give you the confidence and the tools to tell your story and create the life of your dreams!

So to answer the original question, personal brand is our reputation.

The question I want to leave you with is this- How are you developing your reputation?

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