The Ultimate Vegan Burrito Bowl | Detox Day 2

Honestly, Chipotle cannot beat this burrito bowl. Today I did not intend to make a burrito bowl, I actually planned to make a few burritos. I usually warm my tortillas up so they can fold better. Well, I am using brown rice tortillas because I cannot have corn or gluten and brown rice tortillas become hard when you warm them up... I did not know that.

So I adapted and put the tortilla in the container and stuffed the bowl with goodness!

The goodness = Black Beans, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Avocado, and Spinach.

Total cook time was 45 minutes. The Brown Rice and Beans take the longest to cook- so start with those. While you wait, cut the avocado and spinach. Make the Quinoa in the last 15 minutes. Fill a tortilla with all the goods!

Matt- Where is the meat?!?! There is no protein!! 

Actually, this burrito is filled with protein. When I first started my Veganish diet months ago, my Mom and Grandma were worried I would not get enough protein. Protein does not come from just meat. Beans, Quinoa, and Spinach all have good sources of protein. So do not worry Mom, I got my protein in this bowl.

Avacado is a great source of healthy fat. FAT?!?! NOOOO!!!! .... Actually, YEESSSS! Good fat supports cell growth. So if you want to build muscles, yes you need the protein, but you need to get good fats to help build up those muscles. 

The rice and quinoa are good grains that are gluten-free carbs. The spinach is a great veggie.

This burrito bowl is the ultimate, vegan burrito bowl that is complete, and whole. If you are smart, you will make extra so you can have for leftovers over the next few days!