The Power of Restraint | Detox Day 18

The day after Fourth of July, I woke up and I struggled. The sugar got to me.

Sugar and bad food do not usually affect me the way waking up on July 5th did. I can pound back cookies easily. Now I do not really like the idea of that. I started this detox off craving sugar and craving all these different foods. After 18 days of restraint having just a bit of sugar, my body is telling me no.

That is actually pretty significant.

My body is rejecting foods that I usually eat all the time. I wanted to do a huge feast of bad food at the end of the detox... but I am not feeling it and I know my body could turn for the worst. 

In the discipline of restraint, we suffer from not eating what we desire all the time. In that suffering and longing, we find obedience to our bodies- what we should and should not eat. In turn, that obedience of listening to our bodies creates freedom.

Freedom to move.

Freedom to live.

Freedom to love.

I feel alerted and aware of my body the last few weeks because of restraint. I do not feel sluggish. I am sleeping better. I have deeper more restful sleep instead of eating late at night. The idea of eating lots of sweets kind of sickens me just from how I felt after a little bit of sweet on July 4th

Will I still have cookies? Yeah. But I probably will not be pounding 5 cookies in less than 3 minutes. Restraint is hard at first due to cravings, but in time, you find freedom. 

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