The Impossible Burger | Detox Day 5

I am hanging with my friend Elier, and we want to go out to eat. Going out to can be difficult under the detox. Earlier on Friday morning, I was at Kerbey Lane trying to get a meal that worked for me. I was asking all these questions about the menu... I was that guy. 

A few hours later I am at Hopdoddy's which is a high-end burger joint here in Austin. This place is the bomb! I love it. The food never disappoints.

Will I be able to eat here? YES! What is great is that Hopdoddy's has gluten-free buns that are to die for and they just got the impossible burger.

The WHAT burger?!

The Impossible burger is the eco-friendly, plant-based burger that looks, feels, and taste like meat. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!

I ate that burger and felt guilty because I did not think this could be in my detox- but it was! I guess this detox is not so restricting after all!