The Dark Side of the Moon

My experience with technology out here in Seattle for me has not been great. I have T-Mobile as my cellphone provider, which is a great cellphone service in Boston, but not so great in Seattle. I have been dropping calls left and right. My apartment is a dead zone. Communication has been a struggle with the phone. To top it all off, I have not had internet in my apartment.

Today, this all changes! I received my box from Comcast to get internet! The box included a kit with directions. As history has shown from my IKEA experience, I am not so great with building things. I stuck to The Rule Book and especially rule 18, "Check the instructions twice, three times, maybe four before doing anything." I struggled at first, and I looked through the manuals for help. The manuals said if I have any questions to go to a website... the only problem with that is I am trying to GET internet which is something I did not have at the present moment. I could not call anyone either because I had no service. I got passed the irony and finally figured out the directions. The internet is all connected.

After not having internet at my house with a total dead cell zone, I really appreciate WiFi and see how much I actually rely on it. Next time, order Internet earlier because it is necessary (RULE 21). I am just thankful to have some WiFi in my own place instead of being stuck on the dark side of the Moon.