That is GREAT news!

I am in shock.

As you know from my last post, I have been sidelined from ballet and performing as I deal with an injury. The doctor was pretty sure I had a sports hernia which would mean surgery.

It is not a sports hernia.

I repeat.

It is not a sports hernia.

What I am really trying to say is, I DO NOT NEED SURGERY!

This is a miracle to me. I have yet to truly process how amazing this news is! On Friday I had an MRI done for my pelvis. Yesterday at the doctor's we looked at the images. No muscle tears or strains were on the images which means there is no sports hernia.

So what is wrong?

I have osteitis pubis.

What the heck does that mean?

Great question. If you ask Dr. Google you will find that osteitis pubis is inflammation of the pubic symphysis and surrounding muscle insertions. The recovery time will be about the same. I won't be able to do any activity for weeks and then I will start physical therapy. Eventually, I will be able to get back to dancing. I am on some prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the inflammation within my hips. 

I am really disappointed that I will not be able to dance or do a whole lot for a while, but I am glad I do not have to have surgery. Avoid surgery at all cost (RULE 83). 

When I go home to Boston, I will go to the doctor's to get another look at my MRI and set up a plan for recovery as I live in Boston. Till then, I can enjoy my last two weeks in Seattle without the worries of surgery! Thank you for all the support you have showered on me the last week. I have felt so loved and cared for.

I am nervous for the months to come but I am excited to get healthy and back on track. As I rest, I have had many adventures in Seattle which you will hear about soon. In the meantime, check out my instagram @therealgattozz and follow my hashtag #GattozzRoadtoRecovery for my latest adventures!