Stop. Look Up. Admire.

Building in Boston's Financial District

Next time you are walking in a city - look up. What do you see? It is so easy to walk through a city without ever engaging the architecture around oneself. We see all the storefronts, restaurants, and entrances but what does the whole building look like? People spend their whole life's work on design and architecture. To have a piece of the Boston skyline is truly an incredible accomplishment. What a shame if no one looked up.

As I looked up within the financial district, people looked at me as if I was crazy. Maybe I am crazy for staring at buildings for a few minutes, but I wanted to take a moment to stop. Look up. Admire. The financial district of Boston is a crazy part of town filled with ambition, suits, and money. Time is money and for a lot of people in this part of town, staring at a building is not what they are thinking about. Maybe that is the case for you too. 


Look up.


This week my community will be the city of Boston. I will traveling around the city engaging the people and buildings around me! Follow #engagethecommunity for the latest updates!