Self-Discovery through New Works

Having original work created on you is every dancer's desire. 

For a whole week Ballet Austin's Second Company collaborated with Michelle Thompson Ulerich. Michelle Thompson Ulerich danced at Ballet Austin for 14 years before she moved to New York City with her family. In New York City, she dances, teaches, and choreographs. The Second Company has a performance in the spring including an original work by Michelle Thompson.

Michelle came in for the week to workshop new movement and test different ideas. This was a really cool opportunity. She would give us a small phrase of movement and we, as dancers, would try to make it our own. She would ask us what felt good or bad or if certain movements were possible. Having that dialogue between choreographer and dancer is a unique and beautiful experience. As a dancer, you are truly a part of the piece - you help create the movement.

Within the dialogue there is a lot of self-discovery of oneself. I was constantly asking myself if my body was possible of movements. I was able to gain so much as a dancer and artist because I went to places and levels in my movement that I did not know were possible for me. Sometimes Michelle would want us to create a narrative within ourselves as we move in order to give impetus and meaning behind our phrases of movements. Thinking about how to show different emotions and stories from my life through movement made me understand myself better.

This opportunity was more than just completing a week's worth of rehearsals. This opportunity was about discovery movement and how that can communicate with others. Having Michelle Thompson Ulerich in residency for this week pushed me to great heights. She will return for another week in January to continue her residency with Ballet Austin and continue creating material for her piece. I am beyond excited for Michelle to come back for another week of discovery. These are two photos of rehearsal from Michelle's Instagram.

This past week I have been working hard with Nutcracker rehearsals. As you may notice, I also redesigned this website which is why this blog post is a week late. I have a new photography project that I am starting soon and I am excited about the content that is to come. Check out the new layout and make sure to follow me on social media below for the latest updates on my projects!