Pain to Power

We all have been hurt.


But maybe I am wrong?

If you have not been hurt, please contact me immediately because I would love to know who you are and how that is possible.

If you are someone that has been hurt, listen up because here are some thoughts on my experience with pain.

A huge part of my therapy was dealing with past pain from many different factors. Going through that grief and trying to understand everything has been incredibly difficult. 

We can allow pain to transform us or paralyze us.

When we have difficulties in the life, they can be extremely helpful. Sometimes our boundaries are pushed, our potential grows, our abilities increase. The hardships can expose our characteristics in a beautiful and enlightening manner. 

Other times, we can shut down after going through difficulties. We can run away from the reality of what we are feeling or seeing in front of us.

Maybe you have never experienced this pain before.
You do not know where to find help.
You feel like you are drowning.
You freeze up.
You are paralyzed.
You can be paralyzed for years and not know it. You can be lost for a long time until-


It hits.
I cannot breathe.
Where am I?
Who am I?
Our DNA is being questioned. Now what?

Are you allowing hurt in your life to transform you or paralyze you? 

You cannot be valuable if you are not vulnerable (RULE 117).
Open yourself up. Where are you really at in your life?
IT IS OKAY TO FEEL HURT (RULE 118)! Heck- God feels hurt. You are not alone. I beg you to go and seek help.

I allowed pain to paralyze me for months and years. Counseling has been a humbling experience for me and my life. Are you resolved with people in your life? Have you dealt with disappointment in your life? 

Pain is not a terrible thing to have, but how you deal with that pain dictates a lot in your life.

How do you want to dictate your life? Do you want to feel crippled or free?

I have been in a place where I do not know where to go. My prayer and hope are that by me writing about my experience, you do not feel stuck to get help. You are not alone. 
Do not give up on yourself.
You are worthy of greatness.

Peace and love from a homie.