Oh and I Auditioned

I wake up in Seattle and go to bed in Seattle everyday. I did that yesterday, except I went to San Francisco between waking up and sleeping in Seattle. 

Yes, San Francisco.

I have never been to San Francisco but I have heard really great things about this city. As I was in the airport, I was itching to explore new territory. 

One benefit for traveling to and from on the same day is that I had no luggage. I didn't need to check in a bag. I printed my boarding pass and I was ready to take on the security line. With all the extra time that I saved, I could enjoy my nice breakfast from McDonald's. A breakfast for champions. McDonald's is actually the best food to have at the airport. They just come in the clutch. We all know that from my Voodoo Doughnuts Snafu also known as Voodoogate. Rule 77 states, "McDonald's is loyal." so I tweeted about it. And McDonald's tweeted back.

I digress... but I really just needed this to be known since I am feeling pretty good about this tweet.


The flight was a wicked short flight and I didn't have to wait for any bags because I only had my backpack. Just like that, I was ready to adventure into the unknown. First thing I needed to do was go to the Golden Gate Bridge because I knew that it was far away from where I needed to be for my audition. After asking around and reading signs, I learned how to use the  the buses and the BART, which is their subway system. I get off the bus to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Holy moly. It was weirdly beautiful. It is such a tourist attraction and I have seen pictures of it and have asked the question, "What is so special about this bridge?" I don't know how to describe what I saw, I just saw beauty. It was so awesome. 

With the weather being so nice, I was able to walk on the bridge and along the water below the bridge. Here is a video from my Instagram of me walking on the Golden Gate Bridge.

I then ventured back towards the Civic Area which is where my audition was. I got some awesome food and I checked out a coffee shop called Blue Bottle. My roommate Lau Lau, who is a coffee nerd, loves Blue Bottle so I decided to give it a try. I had this New Orleans Iced Coffee and it was phenomenal. What makes Blue Bottle so cool is that, at least for the location that I went to, it is out of a garage. It may have been the most hipster thing I have ever seen and partaken in. Coffee out of a garage. 

After all these stories of McDonald's tweeting me and adventuring around this new city, you have to remember... I have to remember.... that I had an audition for Ballet Arizona. I got to the studios early because I had no idea where I was going. I registered for the audition and it was game time. The audition was a lot smaller than I thought which was great for me because the auditioners were able to see me in a more intimate setting. I think that really played to my favor. The audition itself was great. I felt good and my body felt good. For all I know, I was terrible, BUT this trip was just what I needed.

I needed to get out of Seattle even if it was for 16 hours. Sometimes dancing in the same place everyday can have negative effects on your mentality. Dancing in an unknown place is a great way to find inspiration and to test oneself. This applies to life. Being uncomfortable makes you grow (RULE 80). I felt like I grew a lot from that audition. I am honestly so excited for my next auditions. I hear back from last night's audition in another week or two. 

Until then, I have rehearsals the next day (Today) and I needed to return to regular life. I left the studios and got this amazing Mexican burger in celebration of a great audition. I was off to the airport to head back home. As I was walking into the airport I thought to myself, "Yo, I just went to San Francisco for a day. What just happened?"

I just went out to chase my dreams in another city for a day. Yeah, THAT JUST HAPPENED.