Going Crazy in Wonderland

What a week it has been. 

Honestly, my butt is getting kicked, but I love it.

Last week, I was on vacation going around Austin and hanging with friends. I ate donuts and jumped off a rope swing into some fresh water.

In contrast-

This week, I am doing quite the heavy load at ballet. My body is sore in every place possible. Ballet Austin has started rehearsing for Alice in Wonderland which is choreographed by Septime Webre. It is like Cirque Du Soleil meets ballet. Alice in Wonderland is a dominant male ballet which means that I am doing six roles and understudy another part. I am jumping on tables, lifting girls and guys, cartwheeling over people, and operating big props on stage. This ballet has it all, and it pushes the limits for the guys in the company. 

It is all hands on deck for this production, and right now it feels a bit chaotic and wild. We are learning so much material in such a small amount of time that with the seven roles that I keep track of, I have a lot of information to process every day. I am trying to take the workload in stride and not let each day pile up.

With all this being said, I would not want it any other way. I love the tough days; I feel like I am being pushed beyond my limits. There are some things that I am super afraid of, like cartwheeling/vaulting over a person who is laying on a table, that I just have to do. There is no time to worry about fear; we just have to go for the crazy step. I already do take good care of my body, but for the next five weeks, I am in a hyper-focus mode regarding how I eat, drink, exercise, and sleep. I love it. I feel so energized right now to learn and to push myself. 

Alice in Wonderland is the last production of the season, and I am excited to end the season with a bang. The next five weeks will be a hard five weeks, but I cannot wait to take this production to the stage. You can buy your tickets here! Cheers to hard work.

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