Dreamers Gonna Dream

 After a crazy few weeks of performing and lots of rehearsals, this week has been pretty slow. I am only rehearsing Magic Flute which has been fun, but my role is small. I recognize that my role, although small, is important, but physically, I am not being pushed to my extremes. For me, I am not under a lot of stress physically and mentally that I am trying to survive this show. What have I been focusing on is, how can I make myself the best dancer right now?

Every day, the company takes a ballet class. I could treat that as a warm up or I could treat this class as a great way to train. I have written about having a lifestyle of a student. This time of less stress and less rehearsal is a perfect time to push my technique and push myself. I am making a point to cross train and go out running. I want to keep my body in top form regardless of if I am performing a lot or not. I want to be prepared.

Always be prepared (RULE 107).

To be prepared is my job. If I respect my job and the work that I am doing, I need always to be constantly be pushing myself as an artist even if I do not have a lot of rehearsal.

Currently, in Austin, South By Southwest is happening which is the largest music, film, and technology festival. Thousands of artists come to perform and the biggest names in entertainment and the internet are in town. Some of the greatest creatives are roaming the streets. Everyone I follow on Instagram and Youtube is here in Austin. You better believe I was on a mission to meet these people. 


I have only met one person so far, but I met him twice. His name is Sam Sheffer. I have been following him on Youtube and Twitter for a while now. I saw him on the sidewalk the other day. He actually took the time to say hi to me. Today, I was waiting for the bus, and he was literally just chilling on the sidewalk corner. I said hi to him again, and he remembered me as- "You're the dancer." I told him that I was going to teach some dance at a smaller studio later tonight. 

He got so pumped for me. He was excited that I was straight up hustling and putting in the time and effort for what I love. It reminded me to keep going after dancing and helping another generation find a passion for dance. You should check out his Youtube Channel, and on his channel banner it says, "Hard work pays off."

I am not writing about Sam because I am fanboying, I am writing about him because he embodies the idea of always moving, growing, and being prepared. I am excited for the show Magic Flute to go up at the end of March, but I am more excited to see how I can personally grow as a dancer within the next few weeks.

I found this on the wall and I think as go about my week, I want to myself to dream.

Dreamers Gonna Dream!