Dang Tiff's Treats! | Detox Day 1

After a long day teaching ballet, I came home to a box of Tiff's Treats- just the most amazing cookies. Usually, I am happy and would bury my face in the box. Tonight, I wanted to cry. This detox is going to be a long four weeks. 

Matthew Gattozzi Strava Run May 19 2017

As difficult it was not to eat those cookies, it showed me that my natural instinct was to eat, not to think how this would affect me. As I was busy grocery shopping, I had to stop and think. I had to look ingredients up. I had to strategize. Did it take more time? Yes. But I know this will help in the long run. Taking my time shopping will give me a hand to creating habits of thinking about planning what I eat and how it will affect me. 

Other than not eating Tiff's- I did go out for a run and stretch. I had run in the morning before it got too hot. I only did two miles, but that was pretty good considering I had not run since April 23 when I ran the Cap10K. With a lot of activity, including walking and teaching, I needed to drink a lot of water. I drank 88 fl oz of water today. I do not regularly drink a lot of water. Hydration will be key over the next few weeks.

My body feels good! I am excited to see how I progress... but dang, I wanted those cookies.