Contract Signed

I was walking out the door to go to a coffee shop near me in Fremont the other day and I decided to check the mail. I rarely receive mail... but I got something special that day. 


This is the day that I have been dreaming about for so many years! Even though I did get the offer a few weeks ago, receiving the physical copy of the contract made this dream truly a reality. 


The contract is THICK!

I read through the whole contract, multiple handbooks, and tax forms. Being an adult is truly hard. There are legal consequences for being lazy and rude. I do not see myself as those two things, but dang, there are real rules. I am signing onto rules. Reading this contract made me really question myself and how I present myself in the workspace. Who do I want to be? I have been starting to think about my identity in the workplace as I wrote about in my last post




Yes, this is a reality. So it turns out that you do not keep all your money that you earn. There is something called the government and they take money from my income to pay for government programs. It is time. Time for me to pay for the benefits and the awesomeness that the government provides to me as a citizen.

But still... they have to take my money and the forms confuse me. Luckily, after three or four calls to my dad, I got all the papers signed and ready to send. Into the mail they go and here begins the start of me being a professional dancer. Am I nervous? Yes. There are a lot of unknowns moving to Austin. My mindset is to embrace the unknown. Embrace the possibilities of the people that I will/could meet and the things that I will/could do. 

If I embrace the unknown, I will get to experience something special. And that special something, whatever that is, gives me faith and excitement that moving to Austin is going to be great!