Change of Plans

According to, it was suppose to be cloudy, grey, with some rain. Reality happened and the weather was opposite of the original forecast! I was originally going to take it easy and visit a few churches and hang low at home, but then sun happened. There are a few places in Zurich that I planned to go to when it was sunny. I was going to do them tomorrow after the audition, but the sun was out and I did not want to risk it. Carpe Diem! When you travel, you have to be able to be flexible on your itinerary or else you might miss something great (RULE 56). 

The water looked unbelievable in the sun which was great for taking photos of the architecture and the churches along the river. I had a great lunch outside on top of a hill overlooking the city which was dope. After, I decided to go into the mountains and see the city from almost 3000 ft above sea level! There is a place on the mountain called √úetliberg and you can take a train up the mountain. The train ride is really pretty because you see the city on one side of the train and the countryside on the other side. You get up there and then you have to do a pretty small hike/walk up. When you get up there, you can see forever. It was straight out of a movie. You could see all of Zurich, the water, and the Alps! Gorgeous. Wicked. Gorgeous. I walked back down to get back to the train. I had a beer outside while looking at the country side waiting for the train while the sun shined down on me. That might have been the classiest moment of my entire life. 

My adventure did not stop there. The airport has an outdoor observation deck that you can go on and watch the airplanes take off. The sun was setting as the plans would take flight. It was beautiful and just relaxing! I headed home to get ready for my audition for tomorrow. I am pretty nervous, but I know that all I can do is give my best. 

Have you had any cool adventures lately? Let me know in the comments below.