Carpe Diem

"JUMP" - Rule 9

Did I jump off a bridge? No. Trust me, my mom will be happy in hearing that news.

I see Rule 9 more than just physically jumping. I see it as, living in the moment. Seize the present. I was going to talk about how auditions and life is going but then I went on an epic trek the other night with a few of my roommates.

Life has been crazy. Plain and simple. I will definitely be writing soon about what is going on. In short, life has felt really planned. If you worry too much about the future, you might miss out on an adventure (RULE 74). Recently, I feel like I have not lived in the present moment. I am distant from the now. Well that definitely changed the other night.

Voodoo Donuts is a famous donut shop that is open for 24 hours in Portland, Oregon. That is a 3.5 hour drive from Seattle, Washington. People talk about driving to Voodoo Donuts late at night, getting donuts, and then driving back the same night to go on with their lives. For whatever reason, I thought, "Why not tonight?"

This is not an adventure you do by yourself. So I asked my roommates, and they were down! We make coffee and then we are off to Portland! We freestyle rap, jamming to music, praying, and talking about life. It was a party!

We finally make it to Portland! I have never been to Portland so I was pretty pumped to adventure to a new city. We get to Voodoo donuts and they are CLOSED!!!

I kid you not. We drove 177 Miles for donuts for it to be closed.

Why was it closed? Great question. Let me give you the answer which baffles me.

Groundhogs day. It is closed for Groundhog's Day! Are you kidding me? The banks do not close for Groundhog's day... but Voodoo Donuts does apparently. Groundhog's Day is the Worst Holiday (RULE 76). 

Defeated. That is the best way to describe our spirits at the time. We were all in disbelief.

I failed Rule 11 "Being over prepared is better than being under prepared." and Rule 49  "Preparation is Key."

To be fair, checking if a store is closed because of Groundhogs Day was not on the front of anyone's mind. It may have not hurt to check. If you ever go to a place, always check the hours. ALWAYS! (RULE 76). 

So we just drove all the way to Portland for no donuts. Now what? Naturally, we go to McDonald's!  McDonald's is loyal (RULE 77). They were open and we got food from there. As we drove up back to Seattle, we prayed and talked about life. 

Yeah we didn't get the donuts, but the trip was never about donuts. It was always about getting out of life. We escaped reality for a little bit. These moments are the moments we need to cherish and create. Carpe Diem (RULE 78). That is Latin for seize the day. We seized the moment, the adventure, and the thrill of it all. We created memories that will never be forgotten. 

I guess it is back to reality, a sleep deprived reality. But that escape was worth it all. 

Voodoo Donuts, I will be back. I promise... but I am hurt for now.