Can You Teach Hard Work?

Can you teach hard work?

I posted this question on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram a few weeks ago. I have been thinking a lot about this question in my life, primarily as a teacher of dance. I had some great discussions with you, and I think I came to some conclusions. If, after reading my findings, you agree or disagree, I would love to hear from you.

Hard work can be defined as putting oneself 100% into the task at hand. So really, the question is, can you teach someone to go 100% at any responsibility?


That is the short answer.

The long answer is this:

To teach means to show or explain how to do something. That something would equal a skill. That could be taking photos or how to tweet. Those are skills that can be taught. To be able to teach hard work would make hard work a skill. To work hard is not a skill but an attribute. Hard work is not specific and looks different within different scenarios. Skills are specific- either you can do it or not. Characteristics like hard work are not specific, they transcend situations, and manifest differently in the context of each person.

No one taught me to work hard during ballet class- I was INSPIRED to work hard in ballet class.

Let me say that again.

I was INSPIRED to work hard.

People showed me hard work. People showed me what it would take to become a professional dancer. People showed me what it takes to love another person. Through their examples, I was inspired to work on different areas in my life.

Photo by Lindsay Thomas

Photo by Lindsay Thomas

As beautiful as that sounds, that brings a big responsibility on me. I want people around me to work hard and achieve their dreams, but that starts with ME. What example am I showing? Do I inspire people to want to work at their craft not because I am some icon, but because I put in the time and effort? I would hope that my example creates an environment that wants to work towards growth and greatness. If my model doesn’t, maybe me writing this post shows my commitment and awareness that I want to be the best example that I can be for the people around me.

Since starting teaching dance for a little over a year ago, I have noticed that the kids come into contact with so many influences. Parents, school, friends, and me (the dance teacher). I am not the sole proprietor of their growth as an adolescence but I play a part, and that is enough for me to be aware. I feel honored that I get to help bring up the next generation of humans that walk this Earth. We all have this responsibility- to build one another up. How do you build up those around yourself? Do you inspire people to want to work?

The answer to the question, can you teach hard work, is higher than a yes or no. It indeed begs a self-reflection question, do I inspire those around me to want to grow because I, myself, am seeking growth? You do not need a million followers on Instagram to influence people. We all have communities around us- inspire growth organically, and it will eventually affect the masses. Don’t think about how many people you can touch, but the quality in which you can reach those around you.

I am trying to rebrand myself, my content, and my website because I am now conscious of being aware of my example. Part of my case stems from what I post and what I share. I will never stop trying to be silly and adventurous, but I also want to display more of my process in my creation because this will demonstrate how much work I put in to get my results in my life. The process is where the work is done in any production. By showing the process, hopefully, I can inspire a desire to work on your dreams. No book can teach you hard work- you must be motivated to want that goal for yourself.

Moving forward from today, I will be posting more about me and my process in everyday life. I have been open about my depression and different hardships over the past 4 years. I have seen the power in being open and I hope to reach more people to share my life. I will post more about my writing process, videos on what I am up to during the week, posts and videos about my health especially since I have an injured back, and I will have two podcasts out. One podcast will be a short daily audio journal about how I am growing my website and socials and the other podcast will be about how I am learning to become a better teacher. Lastly, I am writing a book that is abstract but speaks to the soul and humanity that I think everyone will enjoy. 

A LOT is coming from me and I am very excited. I feel very grateful for this life that I am living and I want to continue to share everything that I am learning. Follow along with me- it would mean the world to me. Thank you for your support. If I did not have the support that I do, I would not still be writing and pursuing this life. You guys give me energy and hope when I want to give up. 

Peace and Love!

I want to hear from you! Follow along my journey!