An Enchanting First Week

The day I have been waiting for...

SEPTEMBER 12th, 2016

Also Known As-


Wow! This week has been a great week and I am already learning a lot as I have started my job. The first thing that I have learned is that although I am a professional, I can never stop being a student (RULE 84). As a student, I took hours of classes working on technique. Well, as professional, I take less classes and do more rehearsals. I could go days or even weeks without doing specific turns or jumps that I have usually practiced as a student everyday. In order to maintain my technique, I need to continue to push myself as a student. This puts a lot more work on top of all the rehearsals. The responsibilities are definitely different than a student, but I am trying to make the correct adjustments.

I started rehearsals for Peter and the Wolf choreographed by Ballet Austin's Artistic Director, Stephen Mills. It is a small production for the Second Company and we will be performing the show in Austin as well as outside of Austin as a family show. It is really awesome to perform for children and students because we get to bring the artform of dance to people who may not have the opportunity to experience dance.

Yes, it is a kid's show, but there is honor in every role (RULE 85). It is important to take everything I do seriously, even if I am the wolf with some crazy costume. I have to continue to be diligent in my work because in doing so, I will set myself up for more responsibilities in the future.

It has been amazing being in the studios day in and day out, but the weekends are for adventure! Enchanted Rock is just one HUGE rock that you can climb and it is located in Fredericksburg, TX which is an hour and half drive from Austin...


Basically in the middle of NOWHERE.

A group from my church got together and we set out on the epic journey to catch the sunset! The hike itself was actually not that bad. When we got to the top, my mouth just dropped! I was in awe! 

A 360 degree view of Texas' landscape with a gorgeous, bright sun setting in the distance. The sky was clear and the view was brilliant. After watching the sunset, we hiked down and waited to watch the stars come out and light up the night sky. You could see the Milky Way and thousands of stars bursting with light.

This week came straight from a dream...

one could say that this was an enchanting first week.

Sunset at Enchanting Rock. Follow me on Instagram @therealgattozz for more photos!

Sunset at Enchanting Rock. Follow me on Instagram @therealgattozz for more photos!