Alex the Painter

Meet Alex the Painter- I met him on Sabine Street and 6th Street. He is a simple man looking to get off the streets and back to work. His dreams are not of big money or fame but the simple things in life that is easy to take for granted. Alex is a humble man and a man of gratitude. 


Me: How long have you been on the streets?

Alex: About six months now.

Me: Where are you from?

Alex: Dallas.

Me: How old are you?

Alex: 43.

Me: How did you get onto the streets?

Alex: I lost my apartment because I lost my job first of all. I tried to get enough money to pay my rent but I just couldn't do it. I went to the shelter called the ARC which is where I am staying at now.

Me: So you are in a shelter here in Austin?

Alex: Kind of sort of- I go there to eat every so often but I don't sleep there. It is a bad place to sleep.

Me: Is it bad because it is dangerous?

Alex: Yeah, it is at night time. Someone tried to steal my shoes while they were on my feet last night. It woke me up and the guy made up some story and left. 

Me: Wow- so what did you do for work prior to losing your job?

Alex: I am a painter

Me: Like painting houses or like an artist?

Alex: Yeah I painted houses but I am also an artist.

Me: What are your dreams in your life?

Alex: Actually, I want to go get my food stamps. I'd like to start out going to the angel house and uh I wanted to take a shower today but I wasn't able today- hopefully tomorrow. Take a shower once a week even if I don't need it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for talking to me and treating me like a person.

Me: Because you are a person and you matter.

There are many people who have amazing stories and can truly inspire you. Take the time to listen. Engage. Ask questions. This is time to #EngagetheCommunity! Who will you talk to next? I would love to hear your response on social media below!